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Wednesday Wisdom: Walk through the open door

This Wednesday Wisdom seems common sense but how often do we beat down the closed door rather than walk through the open one? During my commute in to work, and noticed something simple: when the metro train stops at a station, only one door opens to the platform, while the other door to the dangerous rails (and sometimes oncoming train) stays closed. Also, because metro stations have platforms on different sides of the train, the same door doesn’t open as we make our way along the route. At one metro station the left door may open and then the next the right will open (so you have to pay attention to which door will open).

Can you imagine fighting to open the closed doors that lead to the tracks? Dangerous and silly right? But I feel like that’s what we do sometimes. Rather than walk though the open door of opportunity, we bang on and beat down the closed door thinking it’ll lead us to something better and bigger.

Pay attention to the open door. Although it’s only open for a limited amount of time and it changes, it leads to the next place of opportunity. Leave the closed door closed.

Paying attention to the open door,

A. Genise