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Pretty Cool Gifts: Gifts for Him (under $50)

I’m really into putting people’s names on things this year… so there are several gifts that allow for monogramming.

I think the gifts I selected for him are quite nice!

Pretty Cool Gifts: Gifts for Him (under $50)

1. Hess helicopter($27)

My dad is an avid collector of Hess trucks. I was excited to see that there is now a chrome detailed helicopter with working lights. There’s also a, a 6-door SUV style rescue vehicle with real working lights, retractable emergency roof lights, and chrome detailing. Nice!

2.NFL Glassware ($18.00 – $24.00)

Football fans will love the chance to declare their loyalty with this customizable NFL glassware. Available with the insignia from each of the National Football League’s 32 teams. And you can personalize the glassware with your loved one’s name for free.

3.Saddle Leather Business Card Holder ($10.50)

It feels to be organized when you’re on the go (or at least something to fuss with the man in  your life that he should use to be organized). The business card holder  is stylish but compact enough to keep business cards neatly stored in a bag or pocket.

4. SwipeTie ($39.95)

The Sky SwipeTie is  made from quality handcrafted woven silk with an integrated inner tip made from a premium specialized fabric designed to remove fingerprints and smudges from delicate surfaces such as eyeglass lenses, iPhone and Android smartphones, iPads and other portable entertainment devices. A multitasking tie, I love it!

5.Canon Camera Lens Mugs ($30)

This lens mug  is super cute for a camera lover. I just think this is so cute and if I were to buy one for my hubby, I’d probably be the one to use it.  I gift for him for me:)

6.Saddle Leather Earphone Case ($15.50)

This case will keep earphones neatly stored in a bag or pocket. I know I am always “reminding” my hubby where he put his earphones…

7.Hanes Striped Pajama Set ($30)

Pajamas are always a safe gift for him.

Tomorrow, gifts for kids.

Stay inspired and enjoy the journey,

A. Genise