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Wednesday Wisdom: Letter to myself



Hey guys. I took a short break because I was in San Diego. (loved La Jolla, although I kept calling it La Holla)

I attended a leadership conference for work and few weeks before the conference started I had to write a letter to myself– about what I wish I knew when I first started leading people. The letter was given to me at the training, and I had completely forgotten what I wrote. But when I re-read my letter, I loved it.  I had gotten through a tough time at work a few weeks before the conference, so that was my frame of mind when I wrote it. I thought I’d share in hopes it would help someone.


Dear A.G.,

I want you to continue to trust yourself. There will be many people who try to tell you who you are, but all they can offer is what they see through their experiences and lens. Listen, but don’t internalize. 

Don’t be so concerned about how people perceive you, and don’t try so hard to manipulate how you are perceived. You cannot control what others think of you no matter how hard you try.

Learn not to take people’s bad behavior personally. People cannot give what they do not have. This means meet people where they are and if I disagree with their leadership style, find the courage to give them feedback. Don’t always take the path of least resistance.

Surround yourself with supportive people and mentors. Don’t isolate yourself when times get hard. Lean in to life and lean on people for support.

Quicker is not always better, continue to take your time with work and people, it always pays off.

Continue to take time every morning to breathe and start the day from a calm place. Remember you are not auditioning for your job. You know what you are doing and if you don’t, people and ideas will come across your path to help you.

Lastly, learn to effectively deal with conflict, especially with those in authority. If others do not want to be persuaded, learn to move on and don’t feel like you failed. Continue to have integrity and trust all things will work out for your good.



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Wednesday Wisdom: Christmas Starts in July!

For many many years I got away with a last minute approach to Christmas. Although I love to be prepared and stuff, I was the girl who would do most of her Christmas shopping December 23rd-24th and come up with fabulous gifts!! (at least no one told me otherwise).

But now that I’m an adult (I do forget that sometimes…) being a procrastinator during the holidays makes doing adult things like sending Christmas cards, getting gifts for others, you know–being thoughtful, a source of stress.

So last year, we barely made the requested dress code for my daughter’s holiday play (I didn’t read the cover letter sent home) and I forgot to give the teachers cards with their gifts. Gifts weren’t wrapped until Christmas Eve, and…sigh you get it! Part of me says, just let it go Ms. Perfectionist, but there is another part of me that knows it’s about better planning.

We are stressed from back to school (which is August in Georgia–yuck!) through Halloween and through the New Year–but since we always manage to get through it. But do we do anything different the next year to make it easier?

My solution and my resolution for this year is to start thinking about and planning for Christmas in July. Yes July!

I’ve always had the mindset that Christmas shopping should be done year round, so I have a gift drawer but it’s kind random–I need to step it up a bit. There are always last minute things creep up in the holiday season (unexpected house guests, needing last minute gifts for people you just met, or parties you’ve been invited to).

So the solution to an easier holiday season is to do what you can do early. No one will know if you write your holiday cards in July (just don’t send them!!). No one would know if you took Christmas pics in July ( I’m more diligent about exercise in the summer, no holiday weight yet…hmmm that may be a great idea!!) just don’t send them. I can see my family traveling to some photography studio in Christmas sweaters in this heat to have our pictures taken? (well maybe we change into the Christmas garb at the studio…)

Christmas in July


Admittedly, July is almost over, but writing this has reminded me that the second half of the year goes quickly, so I am going to start planning. We are hosting Christmas this year so I can start working on and testing the menu. I can schedule for our pictures to be taken and start writing the list for gifts.  What can you start doing now?

I’m starting to wonder if this is where the term Christmas in July came from…


Well safe travels to everyone traveling. I hope you enjoy the rest of the summer.


A. G.

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Wednesday Wisdom: Cuddle up with Ted

Note: this is up a little later than usual. Lightening struck right behind our house  yesterday and we needed to replace our modem because we had no internet. Up and running now 🙂
Lol… so for those of you who know me personally, you know my husband’s name is not Ted…so who is Ted and why am I cuddling up with him?
Backstory: So my close friend and I have been on a fast for the last week. I need some clarity and direction on a few things, and I find if I remove something and add something for a set amount of time, I can still my mind and hear what God wants me to hear. I started the fast by thinking I was going to go without dinner, but there have been too many parties and/or family visiting town so I nixed that and decided to give up Hulu and Netflix, especially in the evenings.
My addition is getting back to yoga. I can run around all day practically holding my breath.  Meditating and doing yoga in the morning forces me to breathe and slow down before I launch into my day. I’m more thoughtful and focused all day– you should give it a try.

So that leads me to my new boo (or bae… did I use that correctly?)Ted. Since I had more time in the evenings, I needed something positive to do. I’m sure many of you heard of Ted Talks, so that’s my Ted and I’m in love. I cuddle up in my chair or bed and listen to amazing Ted Talk speakers. They lift me up and give advice that have changed my life.

Here’s a few that I would recommend:

Mel Robbins: I bought her audible book called the 5 second rule–with in the last two days I’ve accomplished so much! It’s amazing. (more later!) I am going to do a post on her book.
Her Ted Talk is called: How to Stop Screwing Yourself.
Dr. Ivan Joseph: The Skill of Self Confidence
Guy Winch: How to practice emotional hygiene
Letting Ted lift me up,

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Wednesday Wisdom: Get High!

I’ll pause for a minute and let you guess what I’m going to talk about…(hehehe)
When I suggest getting high, it’s not about drugs, or bungee jumping, or sky diving. It’s about a state of being.

One of my favorite books, The Power by Rhonda Byrne, quotes Rene Descartes (French Mathematician)

“Whenever anyone has offended me, I try to raise my soul so high that the offense cannot reach it.”
Recently, I was involved in a situation where I felt I was being lied on and it’s been hard for me to deal with. Although I believe I was vindicated, I was hurt and offended.
I am determined, however, to do whatever I need to do: pray, meditate, praise, dance, sing to make sure my mind and soul are lifted so high that the raging waters of offense can’t reach them.
Gettin’ high,