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Thursday Throwback: The Baby-Sitters Club

Hulu has the first (and only?) season of the Baby-Sitters Club! I cannot wait to dive in and watch, but part of me is scared to watch it because it will remind me that I’m getting older.
I am outing my age, but I was in love with the Baby-sitters club growing up. My entrepreneurial spirit encouraged me to start a baby-sitters club (several times!) and my childhood BFF and next door neighbor was the only member. We’d have meetings on my back deck and talk about our marketing plans and fliers. We even had a client! (I recall the baby I watched threw up on me! My neighbor had to walk to get her mom to help me out…)
In any case, I loved those books and I could devour a super series book in one afternoon. I was dumbfounded when I found out a few years ago that they were out of print.
To my delight, I recently discovered a store called 2nd in Charles and it sells used books and whole bunch of other second hand things. When I tuned the corner and found they had most of the baby sitters club books, I about lost my mind. (I love Nancy Drew too, more on that later.)

Shopping at 2nd and Charles. Forget makeup, I want books!


A seat full of Baby Sitters Club books!!


All of my spoils laid out on the floor.

I was a ballet dancer like Jessie, ambitious like Kristy (I refuse to say bossy!), and shy and sensitive like Mary Anne–my favorite character.
Take a look at how a fellow Baby-sitters club lover put together collages of the members. (she did a fab job!) Enjoy!
Stacey (The Babysitter's Club)


Throwback Thursday:Board Games

When I see my daughter playing angry birds on my phone (she’s killin’ it though…) my heart sinks because I think it will be much harder as she gets older to convince her that board games are fun. Perhaps it won’t be as hard as I think, if I just play it cool and don’t over sell board games (kids can tell when they are being sold on something).

In honor of my childhood and the fun I had with board games, I’ve picked five of my favorite board games for today’s throwback.


Photo: Thank you LeeAnn for sharing this with us

At a young age, I thrived on the stress of trying to get something done quickly and precisely. (sick maybe?)


My best memory of playing this game was with my Godmother. She is competitive and that the time so was I (notice I said at the time, like I’m not now…). She would always land on my guys and we would just laugh and laugh.

Mouse Trap

Mouse Trap

I never actually owned this game, and truth be told, I still don’t know the premise of the game. When I would go over to my friend’s house (who owned the game), we would just set up the trap and run it over and over and laugh!

Clue!! (my fav)

I have a Nancy Drew reputation. I love to figure things out. I love the little cheesy cozy murder mystery books about Yoga studios and Bed and Breakfasts–I cannot get enough! (side note, my hubby always gives me the side-eye when I read or purchase more of those books, he jokes that I’m learning how to make “it” look like an accident).

My love of murder mysteries probably stems from my early days of playing and loving Clue. (I was pretty good and so was my mom, actually). I have a few Clue board games in my house (including the one with a DVD) but no one ever wants to play.

Connect Four

Another strategy game, yet again…

So, I’ve just learned something about myself. I’ve always been an observant strategist. Hmmm…

Are there any games that you’d like to add?