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To compliment my tea of the month post, I figured I’d share my everyday/go-to teas:

Vanilla Almond from The Republic of Tea. I first had this at the Borders book store in Madison, WI and I’ve never turned back. It got me through cold Madison winters and the long days of “studying” at the book store (which really meant reading all of the magazines and sipping tea with some breaks for studying).

Vanilla Almond Black Tea Bags


Wild Sweet Orange from Tazo. This tea will brighten any bad mood. It always makes me happy.


Throat Coat from Traditional Medicinals. This tea is ridiculous! Every sore throat (or wanna be sore throat) I have is instantly gone after drinking this tea.


Chai tea. This tea has been reintroduced into my weekly routine. I find it helps my creativity, so on late nights working on my posts, I’ll drink Chai–even decaf– and I’m ready to go! Funny, now my daughter likes it–so I have a four year old asking for Chai tea. How cute!



I almost forgot Earl Grey! (I’m drinking it now as I’m typing this). A former econ professor introduced me to Mr. Grey and I’ve hardly strayed. The title sounds so stuffy, but once you smell the orange bergamot (it’s in many perfumes) you won’t be sorry. The added caffeine (it’s a black tea) is a nice pick-me-up for cold and dark fall/winter mornings.


Enjoy the weekend!


Stay inspired and enjoy each sip of tea



September Tea of the Month

I am an avid tea drinker.

From the health benefits, to the fact that I am usually cold, tea is the perfect pick-me-up.  I love the process of making tea as well– boiling the water, selecting the tea I’m in the mood for, and the first sip, after it’s steeped for the perfect amount of time,  just makes me happy. (My friends also laugh because rather than microwave my tea water, I boil it in my cute green tea kettle, but it’s more sophisticated and part of the process!)

I know I am a creature of habit, but I want to push myself to step out of my comfort zone and try different teas. Starting a tea of the month will encourage variation in my tea drinking.

For September, I have selected the first mix from Teavana that I fell in love with called the Blueberry Kona Pop Tea Blend.

It blends Blueberry Bliss Rooibos tea with Pineapple Kona Pop herbal tea–and it is spectacular!  The addition of Teavana’s German Rock Sugar makes it out of this world. The blend is delicious both hot and cold and for me it’s been able to replace lemonade and other juices that I’ve tried to cut down on.

To go with the tea, I decided to make tea-shaped cookies. It was a fun (and messy!) project with my daughter this past weekend.

We went the semi-home made route and used the Krusteaz sugar cookie mix from Costco. (I get everything I can from that store…you know that !)

My husband was kind enough to make the dough earlier in the day.


I added the blue food coloring–I couldn’t help it!

All done!

[I’m having trouble editing my pictures, so my daughter’s orange ring and the salt shaker in the top left corner are really bugging me–lesson 1001 in learning to let go of the small things.]


stay inspired, cherish the journey, and sip your tea!