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Throwback Thursday: Ol’ School Candy

Music, food, and scents are things that can instantly take you back in time . When I saw a picture of the strawberry candies below, I was instantly taken to my maternal grandmothers house in Philadelphia. When I would visit, she would leave them in her candy dish and I would demolished them all weekend. I just love them and her. Those candies bring back such good memories. (now that I think about it, she was probably refilling them so I didn’t get in trouble, however her trash cans were full of those shiny wrappers!)

Strawberry Hard Candy

Who doesn’t remember candy necklaces?! So fashionable, yet so tasty. Oh the days!

OK, yes I did take it back to the candy cigarettes that were bubble gum and blew smoke. Now-a-days this would be so taboo, but back in the 80’s these were soooo cool:)

Six feet of bubble gum, for you not them! I think that was their slogan. What on earth was I doing with that much bubble gum? Oh I remember, trying to make sure it didn’t hit the floor…

Watermelon candy was such a favorite candy of mine. Did they used to be 5 for a penny?

There are many many more throwback sweets, what am I missing?

Stay inspired and enjoy the sweet journey,

A. Genise


Pho Sho

This past week I went to a restaurant in Chinatown DC called Pho, it serves authentic Vietnamese food. My dish called the Bun Bo Nuong (grilled beef on rice vermicelli) was amazing. My dish was so good that I thought about it at 4:45am the next morning when I was awake (not intentionally). My dish was so good I talked a different co-worker into going with me the next day! (tacky maybe, but I don’t care). I think my expectations were too high because the next day the food was great, but the first day was life changing.

(that clear sauce at the top right is sinfully delicious)

In an unrelated event, my hubby just bought some wonton wrappers. I am now inspired  to try to use them in a dish this weekend if  I have the time. (I have a half decorated tree to attend to, a list to Santa to help write, and perhaps a trip to see Santa (I know my daughter will be scared of him, but she talks about him as though they are BFFs)).

Ok back to the food. I have visions of stealing the recipes from this restaurant, perhaps just the broth and freezing it–heck who am I kidding, I just want to grab the chef and keep her/him at my house to cook –the food was just that good!

I really wanted to try the soup, but the beef dish was so good I couldn’t switch on my second visit. When I go back next week (because I most certainly will, it’s a matter of how many times…) I promised myself I’ll try the Pho Chin or beef noodle soup .(below)

Pho Chi'n Nam Ve Don at Caravelle-Pho 79 Restaurant

I am soo hungry now.

Enjoy the weekend!

A. Genise