Pretty Blue Rose

life musings and inspiration


I adore flowers, both in print and in real life.

From the (really crooked) pictures of flowers on my office wall from IKEA:

And the other pictures in my office that I’ve yet to hang (again from IKEA):

To the gorgeous hydrangeas on my front steps that make me smile each time I come home. I just can’t seem to get enough of flowers.

So if I love all flowers, and especially hydrangeas, then why pick a blue rose to represent me?

Well it’s what blue roses represent.

Since blue roses are not found in nature, it is said that they are a symbol of mystery, prosperity, and splendor. They also represent a complex personality. (That’s me!)
Blue roses also represent new opportunities and possibilities along with the excitement that new ventures bring. (This blog!)


Lastly, a blue flower is a symbol of inspiration.


Stay inspired and enjoy the journey.






Anyone who knows me knows my undying (and very vocal) wish is to move to a small town near the water and live in a pretty house like this:

And this:

Insert my day job as a budget analyst— and you end up with someone in serious need of a creative outlet.

While discussing creative ideas with my mom, I remembered that I used to save my favorite magazine articles and pictures, organizing them by subject.


Re-discovering the binders full of my favorite makeup and fashion looks, places I longed to travel, houses I needed to live in, entertaining ideas, and recipes was like being re-introduced to the carefree woman I was several years ago–pre-child, pre-mortgage, pre-rat race.

So while I’m running this (rat?!) race, I’m more determined than ever to stop to smell the pretty blue roses on the way to where I want to be. Learning to enjoy the journey.

Although documenting my favorite recipes, fashion, home decor, and experiences will be lots of work, I know it will be fun and exciting. If nothing else, it will meet my type-A personality’s need to always be productive 🙂



Pictures of homes are from Traditional Porch design by Portland Maine Architect Whitten Architects