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Wednesday Wisdom: You ain’t crazy!

“Don’t mistake clarity for crazy.”


My hubby is super laid-back but he dropped that one-liner the other day that completely changed my day and stopped me from questioning myself.

So I’m being a little vulnerable here, but sometimes I get a very clear picture/vision/understanding of my purpose/calling–what I’m supposed to do in the future.  I am a visionary and dreamer, so that’s par for the course.

One particular day, I saw some things that were slightly different from what I had been envisioning for myself, but way better than what I had dreamt for myself.  I was brought to tears clearly seeing a possible future. I just became so overwhelmed with the clarity of the vision but instead of enjoying it I told myself I was crazy. So later that day,  I told my husband that I clearly saw some of my dreams manifesting even better than I originally imagined, and although I really really wanted to believe it, I just thought I was crazy and making stuff up as an escape.

After listening to me ramble for a little bit he turned and said “You’re not crazy, don’t confuse clarity with crazy.” Then he dropped the mic and left the room, while I stood there staring in awe.
I couldn’t believe how profound that was and how true it is.
Don’t start to feel like you’re crazy when you start to see the amazing things ahead.
Accept them and say yes!
Grateful my vision is clearing up,

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Wednesday Wisdom: Letter to myself



Hey guys. I took a short break because I was in San Diego. (loved La Jolla, although I kept calling it La Holla)

I attended a leadership conference for work and few weeks before the conference started I had to write a letter to myself– about what I wish I knew when I first started leading people. The letter was given to me at the training, and I had completely forgotten what I wrote. But when I re-read my letter, I loved it.  I had gotten through a tough time at work a few weeks before the conference, so that was my frame of mind when I wrote it. I thought I’d share in hopes it would help someone.


Dear A.G.,

I want you to continue to trust yourself. There will be many people who try to tell you who you are, but all they can offer is what they see through their experiences and lens. Listen, but don’t internalize. 

Don’t be so concerned about how people perceive you, and don’t try so hard to manipulate how you are perceived. You cannot control what others think of you no matter how hard you try.

Learn not to take people’s bad behavior personally. People cannot give what they do not have. This means meet people where they are and if I disagree with their leadership style, find the courage to give them feedback. Don’t always take the path of least resistance.

Surround yourself with supportive people and mentors. Don’t isolate yourself when times get hard. Lean in to life and lean on people for support.

Quicker is not always better, continue to take your time with work and people, it always pays off.

Continue to take time every morning to breathe and start the day from a calm place. Remember you are not auditioning for your job. You know what you are doing and if you don’t, people and ideas will come across your path to help you.

Lastly, learn to effectively deal with conflict, especially with those in authority. If others do not want to be persuaded, learn to move on and don’t feel like you failed. Continue to have integrity and trust all things will work out for your good.