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Wednesday Wisdom: Road Cars vs Race Cars

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Yesterday I heard the best analogy listening to the radio.

The speaker was explaining some of the differences between race cars and road cars and relating them to how we should operate in our everyday lives. He explained that road cars are built with a long life in mind. We expect a new car to perform reliably for hundreds of thousands of miles. They are built to last.

This is not the case, however, with race cars. A race engine is built with one thing in mind: power. Race engine components are built to be light and strong, and in most cases, they don’t last much longer than one race.

We, in turn, are not built to run at a race car’s top capacity all the time. Although multitasking and constant working are things that companies tend to push, it’s not good for us long term. Can you handle what’s thrown at you? Can you juggle different responsibilities without letting them see you sweat? Of Course I can! But at what cost? Like a race car, you can manage to work more, better, harder, but you won’t last long. You can get by for a while, but you will burn out. If you live your life more like a road car you will last much longer.

So in line with my advice, I’m taking a week off of my blog to rest. (a pit stop if you will… Oh and if I had to pick a road car— I’d be a Mercedes:))

See yall next Wednesday!

A. Edwards


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