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The Lazy Shopper Series: J. Crew

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Anyone ever feel like the woman above? Lots of bags, lots of people, and not looking too happy. I feel her pain! I quickly get tired of shopping because my feet start to hurt, in the winter the stores make me hot, I’m carrying a big purse and coat and I’m usually very thirsty or hungry…wow, I sound a hot mess, but the reality is shopping is work and I’m not always down for it. (and that’s by myself, add in a pre-schooler and it’s just much worse. There’s lots of asking not to touch things. And to be honest, I’d rather spend the day looking at model homes…not shopping for clothes.)
So just because I like fashion and good style doesn’t mean I like to shop all the time. Believe it or not, I don’t do much shopping. I’m not a fan of endlessly browsing in stores, I like to get in and out of store. (I try very hard not to try on clothes in stores–I’m good at knowing what clothes will look like when I try them on, so I do all that at home.) Bottom line: I enjoy wearing my purchases and I don’t like to spend a bunch of energy and time acquiring them.
Talking to others, I’m finding that women and men fall into my style of shopping. Personally, I hate when I get home with a shopping bag full of clothes thinking I have a whole new wardrobe, but I can only get a handful of outfits out of my purchases–major fail!
So on some Friday’s (not every Friday, these posts take a good amount of time!) I’ve decided to start a new fashion series called “The Lazy Shopper”. I know you all aren’t really lazy, it’s more of an efficiency/busy thing, but “The Efficient and Busy Shopper” didn’t sound as good…
(I know I know I said that mixing it up it terms of the stores you shop at is ideal so you don’t look like a walking advertisement for one store, but that’s not always feasible.)
I want this series to help you get at least 10 different outfits from one shopping trip. As we continue on in this series, I can see setting price limits and all sorts of other things to challenge myself, but today’s challenge was:
-1 store,
-10 or more outfits,
-10 or less clothing items, and
-5 or less accessories (including shoes).
So let’s get started!

My “inaugural” store is J. Crew. I like their basics and they have things that are easy to mix and match without looking like a walking J. Crew model. (heck and since this is inaugural week and the first lady’s belt was from J. Crew…why not?!)
Below I selected weekend wear. I feel like weekend outfits are the hardest to put together, so let’s start there. Quick tip, when trying to pick outfits, I think it’s very important to consciously select one or two colors to stick with, so your accessories and shoes are complimentary. The two colors I chose were salmon and a minty green (see the salmon jeans, striped sweater, and green sweater). All of the rest are neutrals (the chambray shirt, and the crisp white button up). Also the white and blue jeans are nice neutrals along with the sand colored ballet flats.
Speaking of shoes, one of my signature looks is a unexpected shoe color. If you keep everything else neutral, you can pull off something like a blue or green wedge (below) and look pulled together. Take a look at my selections:
Pretty Blue Style: J Crew One Stop Shop
Pretty Blue Style: J Crew One Stop Shop pt 1
The outfits I selected above are nice for spring and early summer (depending on where you live). The salmon/pink colored pants are the perfect jolt of color I’d need coming out of the long dark days of winter. Also notice the middle outfit mixes colors but by matching the bracelet and the shoes, you look like you meant to mix and match rather than being an accident.
Pretty Blue Style: J Crew One Stop Shop pt 2
White jeans are so chic. If you get out of the house with clean white pants (and for me that’s a big if), then go for it! The outfit on the left with the chambray shirt is something that I classically do. I take a boring outfit and add cute colorful shoes with a matching accessory and it looks intentional. It allows you to get away with plain clothes (read: clothes that are easier to mix and match) while looking stylish. Hands down, this is my favorite thing to do. The middle outfit is pretty easy since you can wear any color that’s represented in stripes. Lastly, notice I did not select the matching bracelet for the outfit on the right since that would be too much green. Throwing in the neutral belt breaks up the green.
Pretty Blue Style: J Crew One Stop Shop pt 3
Last but not least, blue jeans. Everything goes with jeans, so as long as they look good on you–so you are good to go!
Starting with the outfit to the left, I could have added the wedges with it, but I kept the “accent” color in the brown family and more casual. The outfit second to the left is classic with that same pop of color via the shoes that I mentioned earlier. For the next outfit, I decided to add a pop of color with the salmon colored belt. Either the green wedges or the flats (as I’ve shown) work with that look. Lastly, the striped shirt is busy enough, so I kept the shoes neutral.
So there you have it! 10 outfits (there are many more combinations that make sense) from 1 store!
**If you have a particular store that you’d like to see represented, leave a comment and I will add it to my list:)
stay inspired,
A. Genise

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