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Inspirational Tuesday, Pretty Homes

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One purpose of this blog is to capture things that inspire me, and pretty homes/interiors totally do that. I have so many saved pictures on, so I figured I’ll share them here on some Tuesdays. (kind of like my own little pinterest).

Over the holiday, my parents’ had a house full. A few days after Christmas we had about 17 folks over and most spent the night!! We all had a blast and stayed up most of the night talking, but I couldn’t help thinking if we had a room of bunks, we’d be in business.

We have a bay window, and I’ve been trying to get my hubby to build the window seat with storage above (totally in love!)…let’s see if it happens. I am hopeful in 2013!!!

I could be inspired to blog and work from home in this office, couldn’t you?!

Stay inspired,

A. Genise

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