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Pretty Blue Style: 5 Considerations for Buying Women’s Winter Coats

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Winter is officially here and it’s ridiculously cold here on the east coast. (I’ve even been able to play in the snow when we traveled to PA for Christmas!!)
I’ve held off on a “winter coats” post in part because I didn’t want to acknowledge the need for a winter coat, but being in denial of winter won’t keep anyone warm.
I wanted to give you my thoughts on my favorite types of winter coats, the colors that give you the most mileage (surprisingly not black!) and different options for accessorizing. If you’re not a fan of coats with color (hopefully this post convinces you otherwise), I’ll show you how brightly colored scarves, hats, and gloves can add some fun to neutral coat colors.

Pretty Blue Style: Women's Winter Coats

#1 & 2: Style & Fabric.
Generally, I think the most versatile women’s winter coat is a knee-length, single-breasted wool coat like the blue, purple, and grey coats featured above. This style of coat works well with pants and most skirts and dresses for many different occasions. It’s almost universally flattering and can be found in almost every store and every price point. Wool is often the best material for a warm winter coat because it is breathable, while helping you retain your own body heat.
If you only wear pants, a pea coat is another good option (the double-breasted red coat at the top of the post) because those coats tend to be shorter and most likely won’t cover a dress or skirt.
#3: Size
Size is one consideration folks tend to forget about. There is nothing worse than having a cute winter coat that is too small when you have winter layers and sweaters on. Make sure that your winter coat is a bit larger than your regular size so it can accommodate several layers of shirts underneath while still buttoning properly. For me, my long winter coat doesn’t accommodate several layers, but my navy blue peacoat does.
#4: Color
Just because the winter months are dark and dreary does not mean that your outerwear needs to look that way. Although many think a black coat may be a versatile and safe choice “match everything”, I say lighten up your mood with color that is still versatile enough for everyday.
There are lot of colors out there that are far more interesting, yet play a similar function to a neutral shade like black. Colors like blue, plum, red, and grey coats can be great colors to consider purchasing in lieu of black or brown.
#5: Accessories
To increase the versatility your winter coat, consider updating your hats, gloves and scarves rather than purchasing a new coat when you get bored with it. If you don’t have a brown or black coat, you can go for bright accents or even neutrals–they will both work! Here are some styles I put together for inspiration.
Pretty Blue Style: Winter Coats and accessories

#’s 1 and 2 show the blue and plum colored coats with bright accessories for those in a playful mood, where as #’s 3 and 4 use neutral accessories for a more serious look. See below for how I styled pink and grey coats.
Pretty Blue Style: Winter Coats 2
Practical tips for taking care of your coat:
Once you have found your perfect winter coat, please take good care of it! Dry cleaning a few times during the season is a good idea, and be particularly vigilant if your winter coat is a light color. Always hang your winter coat on a quality hanger (that will preserve the shape of the shoulders.) At the end of the season, check for loose buttons and small tears, especially tears in the lining and have them fixed before next winter. There is nothing worse than reaching for your winter coat and remembering it’s unwearable.
Stay warm and enjoy the weekend,
A. Genise

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