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Thursday Throwback: The Baby-Sitters Club


Since my website is about staying inspired and enjoying the journey, I thought I’d take Thursday’s to reminisce a bit…to look back on the things that I loved and that helped me enjoy my journey thus far…
OK, I maybe outing myself here on age, but I was in love with the Baby-sitters club growing up. My entrepreneurial spirit encouraged me to start a baby-sitters club (several times!) and my neighbor was a member. We’d have meetings and everything. We even had a client! (I recall the baby I watched threw up on me! I had to get my parents to help out…)
In any case, I loved those books and I could devour a super series in an afternoon. I was dumbfounded when I found out a few years ago that they were out of print. ( I ran to ebay buying up everything I could). I was an African American dancer like Jessie, I was ambitious (I refuse to say bossy!) like Kristy, but I wanted to be quiet and shy like Mary Anne–so she was my favorite character.
Take a look at how a fellow Baby-sitters club lover put together collages of the members. (she did a fab job!) Enjoy!
Stacey (The Babysitter's Club)
Claudia (The Babysitter's Club)

2 thoughts on “Thursday Throwback: The Baby-Sitters Club

  1. Omg they should totally recreate this movie with these characters the Baby Sitters Club reunion! I love it and Hessi of course was my favorite too. Girl go to the thrift store and find them, they are instant classics now. I’m so happy I grew up in this era to appreciate this series. Thanks for sharing from a fellow BLMGIRL 😉

    I’m gonna follow you on BlogLovin!

    • Thanks for stopping by and commenting!! I totally hear you about being happy that these books were apart of our childhood. Thanks for following me:) I’m headed over to your site right now…

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