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Pretty Blue Style: Mix it up!

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When I first started working professionally, I was a big Ann Taylor Loft (ATL) junkie. I was also a rushed (or lazy?) shopper, so I liked outfits picked out for me so I had to do as little thinking as possible. I would just grab what I saw on the store mannequin and be on my way. Since I did that over and over I ended up looking like a walking promo for the Ann Taylor Loft store (something they loved probably, but I didn’t).

What’s even worse is that I would frequent the Loft so much that I immediately knew if someone else (at work, on the metro, in Target!) was wearing something from ATL. I burned myself out on Ann, so I’ve given them a 3 year break. (I will add their quality of clothes has changed dramatically in my opinion. The fabrics are thinner and the cuts are not as tailored).

But buyer beware, I replaced my ATL fixation with a J. Crew one–I have three of those brightly colored pencil skirts and when I see someone on the metro with one, I’m like–darn those skirts are everywhere and I shouldn’t have purchased 3!

J Crew Mall Finds


J.Crew tall skirt / J.Crew pencil skirt / J.Crew pencil skirt


I think the trick of being stylish is to mix it up. I now pick pieces from different stores like H&M (I used to love them, but all of a sudden stopped going for no good reason) the Limited, Target, Ann Taylor (clearance mostly, their stuff can be pricey), Express (I stopped shopping there for a while their stuff was really trendy, but again it’s about the mix) and Marshalls. Long digression on Marshalls, TJ Maxx, and other stores like it. I am still a semi-lazy shopper, so going through racks and racks of clothes is still not my thing. (remember my issues with DSW?) I end up getting warm, thirsty, and just overwhelmed in those stores. I mainly get shoes and accessories from those stores. Also the housewares sections is my favorite.

So all that to say, mix it up. I know we are all short on time and that’s one reason why I’ve always wanted a personal shopper. I’d love to have someone run to the stores so that I’d have a balanced wardrobe. But in the meantime, I’ll take my time, look for good deals and mix it up. 🙂

Fall Work Wardrobe

stay inspired,

A. Genise


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