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Pretty Good Time: My encounter with Ina Garten.

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I think Ina Garten, a Food Network celebrity chef, has my life. She worked in government (the White House and then a powerful agency that manages money for all executive agencies–OMB) in DC for a few years. Then she moved to the Hamptons and started her entrepreneurial endeavors by buying a gourmet food store and the rest is history. (well not history, she worked hard!)

I don’t know her, so I cannot speak for her personal character, but I do love her story. I love that she’s a self taught cook who needed a creative outlet and followed her creative dreams all the way to where she is now. I admire that in her. She didn’t let age stop her, she essentially became a household name after she was 50! Impressive!

I had the day off yesterday and I dropped in on her book signing at my local mall. I did not buy the $30 cookbook and wait in line for hours to have her sign it, but I did “stop in” and got close enough to snap shots of her between the handlers rushing the next person to her table.

stay inspired and follow your creative dreams,

A. Genise

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