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Pretty Good Time: Weekend trip to the Cabin

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On our 4 hour ride to PA for Thanksgiving, we saw many billboards. (nothing unusual)

When we were about an hour away from my parents’ house, we saw a billboard for a big outdoor/sporting goods store called Cabelas. (again, par for the course). But this time, I started thinking about shopping at Cabelas, and the cold, and skiing, and then I start going on and on about how I’d like to go snowmobiling at our weekend cabin. (we don’t own a cabin…)

I (most likely) tortured my hubby with my babble on how I’d love to own a cabin and make winter weekend trips so that the winter would be filled with family outdoor activity rather than us trying to find things for our daughter to do other than watching TV. (no judgement, it’s cooold outside without the appropriate outdoor gear, and the mall gets old AND expensive after a while). I was saying that I wanted to do some serious shopping at L.L. Bean or Cabelas and really have a place the wear the stuff we purchased. My husband dutifully nods and listens (he’s driving so he really doesn’t have a choice).

Pretty Good Time: Wintertime Fun

Well, until the time when we do have a cabin, I’ll just inspire myself with some outfits.

Pretty Blue Style: Winter Trip to the Cabin

All in all, it was a pretty good (pretend) time:)

~A. Genise

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