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My Black Friday Lust List


Two Black Friday’s ago, my sister, husband and I had a serious plan. My husband waited in Target’s line since 9 pm Thanksgiving evening to get a TV. My sister and I tried to get to Kohl’s at 4 am to pick up some items (I slept in, and when I did get there and saw the line I ended up leaving. My family booed me). Ah those were the days…

This Black Friday, I am not shopping. All credit cards are out of my wallet so it’ll be a day to relax, and visit family–no fighting the crowds.

I can dream however, I can lust a bit, right? A few days ago I received my J. Crew “style guide” and paging through I really was lovin the shoes this season (several shirts and jewelry also caught my eye).

When I get overwhelmed and end up liking everything I see, I’ll just put them all in one place and then make some outfits. It kinda gets all of the lusting out. Here’s my most recent J. Crew lust list:

J.Crew Lusts November 2012


J.Crew knit sweater / J.Crew chiffon blouse / J.Crew waterproof dog boots / J.Crew high heel shoes / J.Crew high heels / J.Crew high heel shoes / J.Crew flat / J.Crew ballet flat / J.Crew flat / J.Crew necklace


Pretty Blue Style: J Crew Shoes pt 1



Pretty Blue Style: J Crew lust outfits


Pretty Blue Style: J Crew lust outfits


OK, I think I got it all out…

What’s on your lust list?

Stay safe and enjoy the journey,

A. Genise


2 thoughts on “My Black Friday Lust List

  1. 2 things:
    (1) I was drooling! love your picks and I have to say I am coveting those shoes!

    (2) How do you make these pictures of the outfits… I love! =)

  2. This is a hilarious and very true story! That black skirt and top with the sparkly shoes is so cute! I have never been a lover of sparkles, but your choices make sparkles look mature adn fabulous! Great fashion choices all together!

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