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The best day to shop


I’ve come to the conclusion that Tuesday’s must be slow for most businesses. My hair dresser takes $10 off every service on Tuesdays and my daughter’s hair dresser does the same. My local Message Envy gives free aroma therapy on the first Tuesday of the month and I saw a Wall Street Journal article that discusses purchasing airline tickets on Tuesdays for the best deals. So it looks like Tuesday’s are a really good day to shop–I thought I’d share to see if anyone noticed anything similar.  But, Shhh! We don’t want to let on that we figured it out!

Stay inspired and enjoy the (cheaper!) journey.

4 thoughts on “The best day to shop

  1. I heard Tuesday was a great day to shop! Great advice!

  2. Yes, be on the lookout for good deals!

  3. I wish I had known this I knew about the airline deals, but wasn’t aware that the Tuesday deals crossed into different arenas. Good to know!

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