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I’m so in love…


My love affair with Costco began long before I had a membership. As a lover of all things for the home, each time I walked through that warehouse and ate the bountiful food samples I would just fall more and more in love.

My husband and I were at Costco so much that my daughter (before the age of 2 and to my parents horror!) would ask to go to Costco every weekend–it was sort of a family tradition. She would enjoy the samples and there was plenty of space to run around. Since it’s located close to our home, if we needed to make a quick exit we were home in a flash.

After looking at last year’s Costco spending, our visits have slowed down a bit. But before that, we were at Costco at least once a week, and if we were hosting family, I’ve been known to go as many as three times in one weekend! (My husband is an equal partner in the Costco addiction.) I fully acknowledge that we are not raising a family the size of the Cosbys, the Brady Bunch, or the Duggars, but there is something comforting knowing that I will never ever run out of paper towels, laundry detergent, or baby wipes. 

Since I’ve been in PA for the past few weeks, I now have an excuse to head to Costco this weekend and stock up on “essentials”.

Enjoy the weekend!


4 thoughts on “I’m so in love…

  1. MY FAVORITE POST! this is so honest and hilarious! Thanks for the great friday laugh!!

  2. I had to smile at your daughter’s requests for Costco. But always nice to have a house full of baby wipes…LOL. I love tagging along with friends and family for all of the samples, too (especially the salmon dip and crackers)….

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