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Creative Celebrations


My mom has always known how to throw fabulous parties. Last time we visited my family in PA, she had the idea to liven up  a regular dinner with a taco party. So…out came the sombrero place cards and baked taco bowls. She even made a layered taco dip and put it in a large margarita glass for a lovely presentation. As usual, good times all around.

A few days later, we held a birthday party for my daughter. My mom made her famous chocolate dipped pretzels as party favors. I think they looked ridiculously elegant.



Get ’em mom! I can’t wait until you launch the business:)


3 thoughts on “Creative Celebrations

  1. Very nice! The party accents look incredible and those pretzels look like a good fix to the chocolate monster that takes up residence in my stomach every now and Good luck to your mother!

  2. I love throwing together a quick taco night – so easy and fun!
    ♡ Lexi
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