Pretty Blue Rose

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Pretty Blue Rose


I adore flowers, both in print and in real life.

From the (really crooked) pictures of flowers on my office wall from IKEA:

And the other pictures in my office that I’ve yet to hang (again from IKEA):

To the gorgeous hydrangeas on my front steps that make me smile each time I come home. I just can’t seem to get enough of flowers.

So if I love all flowers, and especially hydrangeas, then why pick a blue rose to represent me?

Well it’s what blue roses represent.

Since blue roses are not found in nature, it is said that they are a symbol of mystery, prosperity, and splendor. They also represent a complex personality. (That’s me!)
Blue roses also represent new opportunities and possibilities along with the excitement that new ventures bring. (This blog!)


Lastly, a blue flower is a symbol of inspiration.


Stay inspired and enjoy the journey.




5 thoughts on “Pretty Blue Rose

  1. It’s amazing i’m your sister, but am learning so much about you! You definetly are inspiring me!! Keep posting and i’ll keep reading!

  2. Excellent post. Loved the statement near the end about new possibilities and the excitement of new adventures (which is so true at any age, stage, or chapter of our lives)! Keep being inspired and inspiring folks like me.

  3. I buy flowers for my home every week. Beautiful flowers brighten a room and lift my spirits.

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